What do you suppose he has in mind?

So after school, Andrew sometimes uses my computer. On the front page of Amazon.com, I found these in the recently viewed items:

  • World Industries Complete Skateboard (4 Styles) by Bravo Sports
  • Mojo Rails Complete Skate Park by Mojo Rails

I have to mention that the Mojo Rails Complete Skate Park is on sale, for ~ $4,000. A steal. Plus, it qualifies for Amazon Prime. Hey, free shipping! Seriously, they’re practically paying you to get one.

I wonder if this has something to do with the skateboard tournament he said he wanted to host a few weeks back. Being boring and practical, I mentioned things like insurance, liability, massive lawsuits, and so on. He was unmoved.

The real question is why hasn’t he approached Miss B. She would gladly construct a skate park for him out of paper.

That would work, wouldn’t it?


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2 responses to “What do you suppose he has in mind?

  1. Amy

    LOL! Boys are so funny sometimes.

  2. You could mention it to her and then she’d have a great project!

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