Daily Archives: November 9, 2008

Dog and cat, living together


So, we integrated the dog and the cat this weekend. We waited a while to do this since Oreo was so tiny when we brought her home from the Humane Society and Sparky is pretty hefty. Plus, Oreo was underweight. Uh, clearly, this isn’t an issue any more.

They had a good time yesterday–maybe too good of a time. If I had to describe them this morning, I’d say they were hungover.

Yesterday, Miss Kitty also dictated some notes to Miss B. Here’s what kitty had to say:

  • I love Kyra.
  • I sleep lots.
  • I have a smelly nose.
  • I have a waggy tail.

You’ll note that the cat does not profess any love for the rest of us.

More later, maybe we’ll even take a trip into the (twilight) zone with Butler. But now, I’m off to cook some turkey sausage and cinnamon rolls.


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