Not so manic Monday

So, I’m off work this week, transfixed by how quiet it is when the kids are not home. Things I’m doing:

  • I’m wondering if it’s possible to melt one’s deltoids, because I’m thinking I totally did that during this morning’s workout.
  • I’m enjoying the simple goodness of the grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.
  • I’m contemplating the possibility of the house cleaning itself if I think really hard about it.
  • I’m currently on page 125 of editing The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath.

Stay tuned for exciting page count updates. Sure to be the highlight of your Thanksgiving weekend.


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3 responses to “Not so manic Monday

  1. Maybe we can try an interstate meditation on houses cleaning themselves. Mine isn’t doing a good job, either.

  2. I’m wishing for the same. And a meal that would cook itself. Melting deltoids, I’m not so sure about… Hope you’re looking forward to a relaxing holiday week!

  3. Amy

    If that third one works, please come visit. 🙂

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