Outlook: sunny with a chance

Recovery mode: on!
Snark mode: off (mostly)
Health: improving
Word count: better, if only by 600 words
Goal: 500 words/day or 2,500/week

The above is my post for JaNo this month. My only post for JaNo this month. I am beyond the  prodigal daughter at this point as far as that’s concerned. But! No one’s cut off my access, so I decided to post over there as well.

This post also marks my 300th post on WordPress. Ah, WordPress, how I love you. You’re a blogging platform! You’re a website! You’re lunch!

And we (as in Darcy and I) hope that very soon, we’ll be giving you more WordPress goodness–but it’s all super secret double probation at this point. But stay tuned …

Now that everyone here can go to school/work, pay attention to/be aware of their surroundings, we’ll be in catch-up mode too. I even went to the grocery story yesterday. I walked around kind of dazed, sort of like I was a Muscovite GUM shopper circa 1984 who was suddenly transported to the glories of the decadent west.

It was great.

Now, off to visit my heroine where I left her, which was in a very large hoop skirt with lots of ruffles.


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3 responses to “Outlook: sunny with a chance

  1. Amy

    Your heroines seem to have so much fun.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. I’m really trying to imagine one of your heroines in a hoop skirt and ruffles. Scary.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    Congrats on post 300 and on posting for Jano – better than I’ve done this week, I think.

  3. Wish we could have pictures of what’s in your brain… I’d love to see the dress! LOL…

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