Today’s fun Google search (or why I love writing YA)

Here’s today’s search:

retro homecoming dresses

You didn’t really think I’d leave Camy in that hoop skirt, did you?


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3 responses to “Today’s fun Google search (or why I love writing YA)

  1. Well, no, not really.

    I’m fluish enough still that I got sucked into a different type of google search – the “Jennifer needs”

    The two funniest?

    Jennifer needs to give birth in the next week (um… no)

    Jennifer needs a mortician (I sure hope not!)

    Wish I was having fun writing instead of having fun avoiding writing (or correcting or cleaning or lesson planning or anything else constructive).

  2. darcy

    How retro, and are we talking vintage or new? Cuz if Camy’s not afraid of a little 80’s sweat essence, there’s this lovely number:
    Complete with “sheer and ribbon shoulder puffs”.
    Fashion trends, lol, says the woman who wore the gauze and jute pioneer scene dress to prom ’76.

  3. oh

    One of the cool things about reading blogging writers is that I have learned new and great respect for YA lit. Never thought about it before. Glad to hear about it and though i’ve recently dabbled only in the “Twilight” series, I intend to check in on ‘what’s hot’ far more often.
    Cheers to you for your progress on your present work.

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