Definition of a good book

One that makes you miss your stop on the way home from school.

This is what happened to Andrew yesterday. He was reading on the bus ride home and didn’t notice his stop had come up. Fortunately, on this part of the route, the bus does a loop, so he rode back a spot that was only a block away from his usual drop off.  

I bet you want to know what book he was reading.

The Hunger Games

We’ve been having some good conversations about it too. Or almost conversations, because some of my answers are: “You have to keep reading.”

He did ask me why Haymitch was drunk a good deal of the time. I told him that if he reached the end of the book and he still didn’t understand, we’d talk about it. Actually, I think it makes a good discussion topic.

And if you haven’t guess, I really enjoyed The Hunger Games. I thought Andrew would really like it, too. The book fits his “girl books that boys would like” category, which is also something he’s been urging me to write.

I’m thinking about it.


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2 responses to “Definition of a good book

  1. Ooh… sounds like a good book!

  2. Amy

    Hmmm, can I get Andrew to Beta-read for me?

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