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Me, on the radio

Well, the interview went well, from the perspective that I didn’t faint during the middle of it. I say, whenever I don’t faint in the middle of something, well, that’s a good day.

Did I speak words in the English language? That remains to be seen (or heard as the case may be). I’m not sure I have the nerve to listen.

However, if you have the nerve, it will air this Thursday at 10:30. I’m up first, followed by the lovely Sarah Ockler who will talk about her YA novel Twenty Boy Summer (up next on my TBR pile). 

Rachael’s show, The Weekly Reader, is part of the Minnesota Morning programming at the station. You can listen live online, if you so choose. If you’re using Windows, you’re probably already set up for Windows Media Player. Click the link and the program should launch and after it buffers, you’ll hear the show.

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Looking for feedback? Like to support a good cause?


Are you a YA writer looking for feedback? Want to help a good cause? Head on over to Cynthea Liu’s web site and auction where’s she’s raising money for a Title I school in her home state of Oklahoma: Tulakes Elementary.

While you’re there, take a gander at Darcy’s page. If you have the high bid, here’s what you’ll win:

One critique of a query letter or the first five-pages of your double-spaced manuscript for a young adult novel. You’ll also get an autographed copy of The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading and candy. Woah.

Candy too? I had no idea. How come Darcy never gives me candy when she critiques my work? I may have to pout.

Seriously, I can vouch for the quality of Darcy’s feedback. Head on over, get some great feedback, and help support a wonderful cause.

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