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In which we break some child labor laws

Over at the Geek Girl site, we’re hosting a big launch contest, which if you’re not related to me (or Darcy) you should really enter. You can win a prize bag for yourself (including the new iPod shuffle) and your best friend. Dude!

We’ve been getting a lot of great entries and I’ve been posting some to the site, but I decided a little color would be good. Since Miss B was already drawing pictures of herself and her BFF, I asked if she could provide some more.

So she did:






My only problem now? She’s gone on strike. Apparently she’s completely tapped out on BFF situations to draw. After all, you can’t force art.

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Proof is in the cake

It’s true. You can have your cake and eat read it too:




Cake and photos courtesy of the wonderful people I work with.


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Adventures in Danville

Our adventures in Danville this weekend. I’m testing out the gallery function here on WordPress, mainly because I’m feeling oh, so tired, lazy, innovative.

Click on a photo to see the larger image.

Andrew was dying to go to Big Boy (don’t ask, I have no idea why), which we finally did after we went rollerskating and played laser tag on Sunday.

This morning on the way to school, I asked Kyra what her favorite part of the trip was. She said, “Meeting Darcy.”



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Not exactly live blogging

I really wanted to live blog the book signing, but couldn’t get a signal on my laptop. So … I decided to “live blog” anyway, only put it on time delay.

No pictures yet, since my camera has decided not to talk to my laptop, but Andrew played roving photographer and got some nice photos.

I’m glad I did take this little notes, because I’m not sure I’d remember anything, or at least coherently. We sold all the books on hand, and with the extra orders, ended up selling 54 books! Amazing!

Everyone was so nice and it was a really great experience.

So, here you go, live blogging:

1:48:cannot get wireless connection. Decide to put live blogging on  time delay.

1:49: My daughter is skipping around the room like a maniac.

1:57: just signed a book. It’s almost time and I’m freaking nervous.

2:00: Okay, it is two o’clock and we haven’t officially started. I may have a heart attack.

2:06: Clearly I’m behind the power curve. We’re signing first.

2:07: Just met Jen from TRT! So. Cool.

2:15: Our books are all gone. We sold them all. Dude!

2:19: We are now signing bookplates

2:23: My kids, running amok.

2:26:Darcy’s giving her cheerleading/expectations talk.

2:27: Did you know Steve Martin was a cheerleader?

2:28: So was Kirk Douglas

2:30: So was Ronald Reagan.

2:33: And Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Dude!)

2:34: Local historical cheerleaders now! So cool. We’re making them stand up (but not cheer).

2:36: Darcy’s mom!

2:48: We’re done!

2:49: Snacks!

3:00: Wait! Q&A, then the snacks.

3:18: Bathroom break for my daughter.

3:21:  Off to see Lincoln without a beard (this is my son)

3:27: Signing more bookplates for book orders.

3:30: My kids have vanished. Am hoping they are with Lincoln.

3:50: My kids return and it’s time to leave. I eat one cookie.

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The Geek Girl’s guide to … disaster

So, the trip started out pretty good. No traffic on the way to the airport. Easy check in. Plus, when we reached baggage claim, our one piece of luggage was already on the conveyor belt.

I think we used up our good trip karma for a while.

First, finding the rental car shuttle took a while. You’d think it would be obvious. Eh, not so much. Then, oh, the traffic getting out of Chicago. You’d think everyone was leaving for a long holiday or something.

When we cleared Chicago, naturally we hit some construction. The drive took much longer than expected, but at last we made it. I was checking in at the hotel desk when I asked Andrew to get our luggage.

He returned a moment later with the news:

It wasn’t in the car.

Minus the items in our carry-on bags, that one piece of luggage had everything: swimsuits, clothes for the book signing, underwear.

I’d been so busy getting Kyra’s booster seat situated and checking out the car, that I assumed Andrew (who’d been lugging the suitcase all along) had put it in the back. He thought I had.

So, we drove away without it.

The good news is it’s still at the rental car place. Bad news? We have to go get it if we want it before Monday.

Fortunately, Danville has a Wal-Mart. While I prefer Target, I’m not sure I would’ve ended up with my new wowza six dollar book signing “ensemble” from them. Yes, I picked something that was on the rack outside the store.

Because I’m crazy that way.

Darcy met us at Wal-Mart. She and Kyra bonded while selecting fashions in the girls’ section. Andrew found some nice cargo shorts and shirt to wear. Plus, we got some essentials: toothpaste and underwear, swimsuits and sandals.

So, all in all, it could be worse. Miss B is swimming in her new Sponge Bob swimsuit. Despite the fact I made a special shopping trip to the mall, armed with gift cards, I’m highly amused I’ll be wearing a six dollar Wal-Mart clearance rack special to my book launch signing.

Plus, I got to see Darcy last night, who showered my kids with gifts and attention.

Plus, the kids were pretty good through the whole thing (and Andrew felt so awful about not loading the bag).

And … on the really cool Geek Girl news front, we got an awesome quote from Elizabeth Scott.

She read Geek Girl’s Guide and saw in the acknowledgements that we share an editor. So the other day, she sent our editor this quote:

“Sweet, funny, and heart-warming, The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading truly makes you want to cheer!”

Both Darcy and I were beyond stunned. Every time I think about it, I get a big grin–even with the missing luggage.


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What a day!

Yesterday was crazy good. One of my favorite YA authors, Maureen Johnson, stopped by to offer congratulations. I was all: No! Way!

In case you missed my interview with Darcy over at The Long and the Short of It, you can read it here. I get Darcy to dish about the tattoo.

Today, Darcy has an essay up on collaborative writing and some background on our journey from critique partners to friends to writing partners.

Also, the lovely Em has our interview up at Em’s Bookshelf.

In case you missed it:


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Big awwww

Look what I found on my computer desk this morning:


And stop over at The Geek Girl’s Guide to see what I found there. Warning: there’s 80s hair involved.

I couldn’t ask for a better launch day or better family and friends. I was totally surprised.

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Traveling Geek Girls

We’re going to be all over the ‘net this week. Well, we’re some places anyway–and we’re giving away signed copies of The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading at both spots. 

First, we’ll have an interview up at Em’s Bookshelf. How many interviews have you read that end in a zombie attack? Exactly. You need to head over to find out how that all ends.

We’re also in the Author Spot at The Long and the Short of It. Today, Darcy asks me some hard-hitting questions. Want to know what you can cook in a paper bag? Head on over to find out.

And … updated to add Jen in MI, a wonderful friend, writer, and cook has a lovely take on Geek Girl’s Guide. Thank you, Jen!


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The wonderful world of words

I was doing various chores/writing/whatever yesterday and Miss B was playing some quiet game. It was just the two of us at home and we were quite content. Then, I heard a laugh and she called out:

Mommy, come see how high this dude is!

My first reaction to this was: Wha–? since more than one definition for that word ran through my head. It seemed that I really needed to check out this dude.

The dude in questioned turned out to be a little Snoopy doll she had poised at the tip-top of a stuff animal clubhouse made of pillows. So, yeah. He was up there pretty high. You might even say he was high.

Sometimes, context is everything.

While I cleaning/clearing things yesterday, I came across a paper Kyra wrote that illustrates the writing lesson of sometimes it’s the word you leave out that’s important (corrected for spelling):

I wish that I lived in a castle because I am a pirate princess but I live in a nice house. I have a nice bed and nice stuff and a brother.

Poor Andrew. He always gets the short end of things, doesn’t he.


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Face. Out.

So, last night after dance class, Miss B and I went on safari to see if we could catch Geek Girl in the wild. According to Barnes and Noble online, Geek Girl was stocked at my local B&N. I didn’t know if that meant, why yes, we have it in the back, or if it meant, it’s on the shelf.

Actually, what it meant was: we have it on the shelf. Face. Out.


Yes, there we were, face out, on the New for Teens shelf. (Other writers know how important the face out placement is–let me tell you, we’re just a little over the top about it, too.) But not only that, you could also find Geek Girl alphabetically:


This is a close up, but the T’s (what we’re filed under) are at just below eye level, so that’s nice. Plus, I think our spine is pretty spiffy and eye-catching.


One of the sales clerks was restocking Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in the teen section (no, really, she was), so I asked if they had a policy about signing stock, because my book just came out, there it was, and I was kind of excited. She said that she’d go ask the manager.

The manager came out and was so nice. She said, sure, sign our stock. She grabbed all the face out books and we went up to the information counter. She scanned the book to make sure we had all the copies, but then we remembered the one on the other shelf.

“I’ll get it!” Kyra cried out and she flew through the store to get the book and came rushing back. This, by the way, endeared her to the B&N staff. I signed the stock with my special purple pen while Kyra proudly pointed out her name in the dedication.

The manager pulled out the Autographed Copy stickers, which she let Kyra stick on the books:




She even let Kyra keep one of the stickers for herself, which she wore out of the store. The manager said that they’d place the book on a display up front for the weekend, too.

But I’ve pretty much decided I need to take Miss B with me everywhere book related. Guess who was complimented on her lovely hair and big brown eyes? It certainly wasn’t me. Miss B = my secret weapon.

If you want to hear how Darcy’s first sighting went, head on over to the Geek Girl site. (I’ll be recapping this post over there tomorrow.)


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