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Week in review

I know I haven’t been blogging here (much), but I’ve been crazy-busy blogging with Darcy on our Geek Girl’s Guide blog tour. So, we’re all over the ‘net from the 8th through the 30th.

And writing an original blog post for each day that is, we hope, fun and entertaining is a lot harder than it looks. I am in short supply of the witty these days (fortunately, Darcy is not).

Curious about where we are and what we’re writing about? You can follow along at Goddess Fish Promotions or the Geek Girl site. So far, we’ve written more about our story behind the story, pieces on what it’s like to collaborate, fun and funny interviews.

In other Geek Girl news:

A while back Writer’s Digest had a call out for first-time publishing stories. I wrote something up, sent it in, then promptly forgot about it. They contacted me a while back to verify some info in case they used my piece. But since I heard nothing further, I assumed they didn’t. I found out via a friend of a friend that my little write up is in the July/August issue.

The issue isn’t on the stands yet, so I haven’t actually seen the write up (I don’t have a subscription, so I have to stalk the bookstores to get mine).

And! I’m going to be on the radio! It’s local radio, KMSU (Minnesota State at Mankato), but it’s the good kind of local, since I grew up in Mankato and the town in Geek Girl’s Guide is kind of/sort of based on Mankato. I’ll be on The Weekly Reader with Rachael Hanel.

I’m taping on Monday, but I don’t know what day the interview will air. I’ll let you know, since thanks to the wonders of the internet, you’ll be able to stream it. Yeah. I know. Freaky.


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