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Our next book

At long last, the plot for our next book, as provided by my seven-year-old daughter (AKA the marvelous Miss B). Here’s the premise:

A girl has four (!) boyfriends:

  • Two strong ones (by which I think she means jocks/athletes)
  • Two nerd ones (self-explanatory)

The title for this magnum opus?

Boy Trouble

Yes, I think that (almost) goes without saying.

But seriously, this thing is going to write itself. Write. Itself.

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Day job goes geek

Okay, since I work for as a technical writer for a software company, the day job has always been a little geeky. Yesterday, it got a little more so.

Our tech writing compatriots in the Manila branch created T-shirts for all the writers. On the back are haiku-like sayings, based on job/personality (or so I’m guessing). Here’s mine:

 I’m not actually sure what this says about my personality, but I like it. Other favorites include:

Alphabet soup
Makes me nauseous

Not to mention:

The haughty reviewer
Demands to see the document
I send an XML file
He has no viewer
Vengeance is mine

And of course:

Young Jedi tech writer
His mind corrupted with unstructured Frame and the madness of Word
You must unlearn all you have learned

The last gets bonus points for the Star Wars reference. Very talented, our Manila tech writers.

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