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Of typos and doe’s snot

The other day, this landed in my inbox:

Win Cash and Prizes with you best writing!

The best part? It came from Writer’s Digest.

I really think the fine folks at Writer’s Digest should use this to their advantage with a funny, follow-up email about how a typo isn’t the end of the world (or even your chances in a contest), but that proofreading can help.

Still, my personal best for typos is the time I wrote:

It’s doe’s snot.

I wrote this particular phrase in a software installation manual. Our software does many things, but it doesn’t need doe’s snot to do them.

The best part? A straight-faced software engineer placed the marked up hardcopy guide on my desk without a word.

So while I don’t want to read novels riddled with typographical errors, I try to keep perspective (especially for blog posts and email).

Typos, like doe’s snot, sometimes happen.

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Day job goes geek

Okay, since I work for as a technical writer for a software company, the day job has always been a little geeky. Yesterday, it got a little more so.

Our tech writing compatriots in the Manila branch created T-shirts for all the writers. On the back are haiku-like sayings, based on job/personality (or so I’m guessing). Here’s mine:

 I’m not actually sure what this says about my personality, but I like it. Other favorites include:

Alphabet soup
Makes me nauseous

Not to mention:

The haughty reviewer
Demands to see the document
I send an XML file
He has no viewer
Vengeance is mine

And of course:

Young Jedi tech writer
His mind corrupted with unstructured Frame and the madness of Word
You must unlearn all you have learned

The last gets bonus points for the Star Wars reference. Very talented, our Manila tech writers.

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Words I constantly misspell despite my profession

  • Documentation
  • Usability
  • Questionnaire

That pretty much sums up my week, too.


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