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Taking (summer) stock

I haven’t been writing in my blog–uh, yeah, clearly–and I miss it. I really do. I have been writing. A lot, I think. When school started for the kids (right after Labor Day this week), I took stock of my summer. Just what did I do on my summer “vacation”?

Starting with Memorial Day and ending with Labor Day, I did the following:

  • Second draft of a middle grade novel I’m calling Speechless. ~ 42,000 words. This is the “that which does not kill you makes you stronger” draft.
  • Second/revised draft of my short story (The Trouble with Firsts) for the Debs anthology The First Time. Started at 7,800 and ended up just under 6,000 words. Cutting 1,700 seems like an arduous task, but once I focused on the story, it was relatively easy. I had a lot of things in there that would’ve been fine for a novel. Short story? Not so much.
  • Revised/edited Dating on the Dork side with Darcy for our agent. 83,000 words. Y’all can just keep your fingers crossed for us, okay?
  • Third draft of Speechless, which is the “draft other people can read and it won’t injure them” draft. 43,000 words (oh, I added to it!).

Bonus items:

  • Took a class on metaphors and did all the assignments. I’m so freaking proud of myself.
  • Read a terrific manuscript by my friend Joy Hensley and got to celebrate (virtually) her agent call/representation. Can you squee via email? Yes, yes you can.
  • Mentoring another writer via one of the RWA chapters I belong to.

Oh, and I bought these awesome boots:

Okay, so the boots don’t = writing progress. Still. I think the potential is there for writing awesome things while wearing these boots.

So. How was your summer?


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