Synchro Fever

Pictograms of Olympic sports - Synchronized sw...

Since I don’t talk a whole lot about works-in-progress or completed works that have no home, some of you might not know that I wrote a YA novel where part of the plot revolves around a high school synchronized swimming team. I based some of it on my high school days, and some of it not. Synchro has changed a lot over the years.

In the story, my main character and another girl swim a duet. In my mind, it looks like the video below. In reality? They wouldn’t be swimming at Olympic gold medal level.

I’m sure some of you have seen this. If not, click through and take four minutes from your day and enjoy.

Ishchenko and RomashinaWin Duet Gold


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2 responses to “Synchro Fever

  1. That video was incredible, thanks for sharing. They don’t show much of that on television, or maybe I just happen to miss the synchronized swimming every time.
    Every time I watch anything during the Olympics, I find myself saying over and over, “HOW do they DO that?!” 🙂

    • I’ve given up on figuring out what’s on the TV and when. I’ve been streaming live when I can (like today, when I’m off work) or watching the recorded versions later.

      The team final today was amazing. The top three routines were breathtaking.

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