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What I read/am reading:

New books on the block:

Kiss, Kiss, Bark!A while back, I entered a Twitter contest to win Kiss, Kiss, Bark! from Tanglewood Press–then figured that would be that.

This week, I found out that I won a copy. Kyra was thrilled. So was I.

It looks like a cute and fun read. We both can’t wait to dig in.


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2 responses to “This week in books

  1. Karin Collins

    Oh dear, I checked out “Happiness Advantage..” on Amazon & It is just pop psych and it IS NOT BRAIN SCIENCE. Your dad did real brain science. Think back & you’ll remember the difference.

    • Okay, call it brain science light, then. It is a lighter approach, but it’s grounded in actual research, and has a lot of the information that many of the other brain science books I’ve read have. I went in a little bit wary, thinking it was all pop without the science, but was pleasantly surprised.

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