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Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 13 the one with the monster award

Week 13! Here we are, three months into this experiment and I’m still on track. Amazingly.

So far, for the year, I’ve managed to write fourteen stories and send out twenty one submissions. Add to that two acceptances. So not only do I win the monster award for March, but I’m one third of the way through this experiment and looking forward to even more.

I’ve been surprised at just how many (odd) ideas are knocking around in my head and how many of them seem to fly off my fingers, seemingly from nowhere. That’s been the biggest reward so far. It’s like lifting a rock and discovering not squirming bugs, but many shiny, shiny things.


  • Pansy, Too¬†(continuation/standalone addition to Out of the Blue), ~ 1,500 words. Yes, I suspect a time will come when I can’t call these standalone episodes or what have you, but for now, I am.


  • None


  • Rhymes with Orange


  • None


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