Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 15 April rejections bring …?

Week 15! So, yes, I knew it was coming. One glance at my submission tracker would tell anyone that April might have more than its fair share of raining rejections. And they’ve already started to fall.

But that’s okay. That’s the way it works. And hey, look! I’m not running out of stories to submit. Ah, yes, the upside to rejection.

Of course, not all the news is bad; some of the news is in progress, for lack of a better description. I hope to say more about this soon.


  • Daydreams and Nightmares, ~ 3,000 words.
  • Revisions on Speechless, moving it from tween to teen.


  • The Madness in King’s End
  • The Burden of So Many Roses ~ came back fast, but it was a nice rejection; I’ll try here again
  • Just a Matter of Time


  • Filling the Space


  • None

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