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Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 22 the one where it turns into June

Week 22! I woke up yesterday and all of a sudden it was June. How on earth did that happen? Wasn’t it just May (like two days ago or something)?

I totally wrote myself into a corner with Pansy this week. I was chugging along and then had the thought, if I write the scene this way, I have no idea how to get them out of it. Then I shrugged and did it anyway.

After my writing session, the solution smacked me in the head. The funny thing? The answer was in the very first scene I wrote, back when Pansy was supposed to be a response to a flash fiction prompt (and 43,000 words later …).

This book is weird. In more ways than one.



  • Playing Soldier


  • Playing Soldier ~ I like those fast markets–no messing around for them.
  • The Weight of Secrets ~ this was actually a rejection from last week that I forgot about. Another benefit of Write 1/Sub 1–you totally forget the rejections the second they happen.


  • None


So. Yeah. I won that pitch contest I entered. And now I’m thinking … thoughts. Not necessarily deep thoughts, mind you. Still. I’m thinking them.

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