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Ten day challenge day 6: come on, everybody, do your exercise

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Today’s prompt:

Share a personal interest or hobby that you have aside from writing – how has this inspired and impacted your writing? Required: at least one photo!

I’m fairly certain the photo is meant to highlight my wonderfully creative hobby that I have in addition to writing. Alas. I have no such thing, at least nothing worth taking a picture of. Instead, I have this:

Exercise cat says no pain, no gain.

Yep. Exercise. I work out every single morning, even when I’m sick (because generally I don’t realize I’m sick until after I exercise). How does it inform my writing? Let me count the ways:

  • That initial tug of resistance. It lasts for all of five minutes.
  • Some days you simply flail around. That’s okay.
  • Some days, you’re so hot, you’re on fire.
  • Endurance.
  • Pyramiding up on the weights.
  • Lightening the load.
  • The zone.

In fact, I find exercise so similar to writing that I wouldn’t want to do one without the other. Plus, I use the same handful of workout tapes. I know the routines so well, I often daydream about my stories while I work out.


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