Ten day challenge day 7: tools of the trade

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Today’s prompt:

Post a techie-type blog previewing the software or technical tools you use for writing – don’t forget about your organisation approach, backups of your files, and reference tools etc. If you have lots, choose one tool you can’t live without, and profile that. Don’t forget links, and screenshots.

The more I write, the more I find the whiz-bang techno tools less useful. While they might be helpful for some writers, to me they always have that whiff of “magic bullet/secret handshake” about them (not that you can smell either of those things). What I mean is this: It’s that promise that if only you use this software/method/whatever, then–and only then–will you achieve your publishing dreams.

But the more I write, the more I find I simply need this:

Paper and pen–cat optional, but highly recommended.

That would be paper and pen, word processor when I can’t keep up with my thoughts. That being said, I am not averse to technology when it comes to writing and submitting. Tools I use:


Love, love Dropbox. File backup, file access, file sharing.


I know a great many writers were upset when Duotrope went to a pay-model (you know, in order to stay in business, pay their staff, minor things like that). I decided that it provides more than enough services to be worth the subscription fee.


I don’t have a link to this one since this is something you’ll need to play around with, and what you end up choosing (if you do) depends on the OS/software/technology you have. But! I highly recommend some sort of text-to-speech program, either on an e-reader, your PC, or both.

This is how I proof stories and queries and such that I send out. True, you won’t hear the difference between there and their, but did you leave the “l” out of public? You’ll hear that. Worth the price right there.


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6 responses to “Ten day challenge day 7: tools of the trade

  1. Love the photo. Is that your own cat? Gorgeous markings. I agree with you about Duotrope. I have a subscription too.

  2. anno

    This one sent me off on a follow-the-links adventure from which I am only now returning. Thanks for the list — I’m enjoying these revelations.

  3. Hunter

    Somebody (forget where) recently posted a blog post entitled: Do all writers have a cat? I’d say quite a few do – myself included. But I also have dogs, one of which acts like a cat.

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