Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 34 the one with the practice flash

Week 34! I did get a new story out this week (A Measure of Sorrow) along with two others I sent back out the door.

Next month, I will participate in a flash fiction challenge where they send out a prompt based on genre, location, and an object. This starts at midnight on a Friday and you have until midnight on Sunday to turn in your story.

Yeah. Crazy.

So crazy, I thought maybe I should train for it. Back in the day, in the Army, we had a saying: Train as you fight. Why not apply that to this situation?

My goal on Friday was to dash off a flash fiction piece in a day. I used the examples on the site, only I made three separate lists, so I wouldn’t go into any story with preconceived notions. I mixed up the selections using a random number generator.

What was my first assignment?

Romantic Comedy / A drug rehab center / a glass eye

Yes. Because nothing says romance or comedy like drug addiction. But … I did it. I had a story by the end of Friday. I’m not certain it’s something I’ll ever send out. I am fairly certain it’s offensive (see “glass eye” above), but it was a blast to write and reassuring.

I may come in last, but I feel pretty certain I can write a story for the challenge (albeit an offensive one).


  • Practice Flash Fiction ~ 1,000 words


  • The Life Expectancy of Fireflies
  • A Measure of Sorrow
  • Alliance ~ Yep, sent it right back out again


  • Alliance


  • None

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