Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 43 the one with the rift in the space–time continuum

Week 43! This week I wrote another practice flash for the next round of the Flash Fiction Challenge.

This week’s combination?

Drama / Mount Everest / a teacup

I almost didn’t do this. I mean, Mount Everest? Really? Then I pondered what might happen if I drew a similar combination in the actual challenge and decided it was in my best interest to at least try. I don’t know if it’s a story I’ll ever send out, but I did it, and in exactly 1,000 words, so there’s that.

I also spent some time this week shaping up stories to send out. Plus, I received a contributor copy for an anthology, signed a contract for audio rights, turned around a rewrite request, and had two acceptances–all in the span of 48 hours. It’s like I’m a real working writer or something.

And, in one of those weird coincidences, I had two acceptances this week, and both involve time. Keeping Time will appear in the November edition of Kazka Press. Just a Matter of Time will be part of volume 3 of Sucker Literary Magazine.

I’m excited about both, but especially Just a Matter of Time. Have you ever tried to find a home for a YA novelette? (The story is ~7,800 words long.) It’s no easy task, let me tell you. And also, let me tell you this:

Feedback I received from one market was I should dump the romantic aspect of the story (I’d been getting high marks for the “time” aspect of it). Yes, I know, I was trying to not only place a YA novelette, but essentially a paranormal romantic one at that. The trifecta of will not sell.

What aspect helped it with Sucker Literary? The relationship. I believe the editor may have used the phrase swoon-worthy.

I was going somewhere with this. Oh. Yeah. Editor feedback? Often very helpful. I did do some tweaks before my acceptance with Sucker Literary. However, it isn’t always right, or right for that particular story. Something to keep in mind.


  • The Cure for Love Sickness ~ 1,000 words


  • Two Hammers
  • A Most Marvelous Pair of Boots
  • What Little Remains


  • None


  • Keeping Time
  • Just a Matter of Time

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