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Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 48 the one with the Thanksgiving rejection

Week 48! Short on writing this week. I saw a call for dark Christmas flash fiction (250 words max word count) and didn’t think much of it–until I sat down to write.

Then, it just happened. And yeah, I thought it was dark when I wrote it, but now I’m not really sure what it is. I’ll let it compost for a bit and decide later.

I also worked on shaping up some of my longer short stories for submission, which is where I spent most of my writing time this week.

Also, this week: the epic Thanksgiving rejection, which really only made me laugh, especially since I sold a poem. Yes! A poem. Breakfast in the Desert will appear at Every Day Poets in a month or two. Plus, A Measure of Sorrow is up at Luna Station Quarterly today.

Not a bad way to start December.


  • The Price of Comfort and Joy¬†~ 250 words


  • Doreen’s Muse


  • The Perfect Canvas
  • What Little Remains


  • Breakfast in the Desert ~ poetry!



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Publication: A Measure of Sorrow

My very (very) short story A Measure of Sorrow is in issue 16 of Luna Station Quarterly! Go read about giants and mice and butterflies.

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