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Write 1/Sub 1 check in: the one with a vortex of writing and rejections

W1S1 2014 - Monthly ChallengeMore writing on the story that is not a short story. Actually, quite a bit of writing. I didn’t realize how much until I looked up and discovered I’d passed the 5,000 word count mark for the week and then kept on going.

Also this week, there was a blizzard of rejections. Four within a twenty-four hour period. I used to post this sort of thing on Facebook, except my friends would tell me to keep my chin up. They mean well, but my chin is fine. I post this sort of thing because I think it’s funny. And four rejections within twenty four hours is funny. At least, I think so.

Next week I have plans for some of those stories. They’ll go out the door again. In the meantime, I’ll work on the story that is not very short.

Writing Work:

  • The Time After ~ 6,800 words


  • None


  • Five to Freedom
  • The Perfect Canvas
  • Incriminating Evidence
  • Like Bread Loves Salt


  • None


  • None


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