Write 1/Sub 1 check in: the one where I fling about some roses

W1S1 2014 - Monthly ChallengeWhile I didn’t plan to match my submissions to my rejections this week, it worked out that way. Four back in, four back out, and I still have a few more to send out somewhere else, not to mention stories I need to get out the door for the first time. 

(Wow. That was a really long sentence. Take a breath.)

Lots of writing on the story that is clearly not a short story. We know this because I just reached the 30,000-word mark in the manuscript. I think what I have here is yet another accidental novel. But I’m not complaining.

My fun news for the week is I sold audio rights to  Toasted Cake Podcast for The Burden of So Many Roses, which appeared last year in the February issue of Kazka Press. Just because you’ve sold a story doesn’t mean you can’t sell it again.

Writing Work:

  • The Time After ~7,770 words


  • The Patron Saint of Lost Things
  • The Perfect Canvas
  • Ghost in the Coffee Machine (audio market)
  • Abandonment Issues


  • Five to Freedom
  • What Little Remains
  • The Life Expectancy of Fireflies
  • Abandonment Issues




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3 responses to “Write 1/Sub 1 check in: the one where I fling about some roses

  1. I love that no matter what you keep going. Through the rejections and the yes’s that you do receive you take it all in stride. Not giving up can be a tough thing to do. It’s funny that I read this blog because I just wrote a writing prompt on gratitude. Check it out!http://writingsbykrystol.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/gratitude-writing-prompt-from-finallywriting-com/

    I wanted to know if you write full time and do you have any good query letter templates or examples? I am about to go in with trying to get an agent for both my books and screenplays. I sent a few queries out and was rejected by all of them. I’m not mad or anything but if I can step my game up I will. As far as my screenplays I’ve entered many contests and a film festival. Luckily TWO of my screenplays made it into the finals. I’m so stoked about it! Thanks again for writing your blogs. I may not comment on all of them but I do read them when I get the notification. From one writer to another, keep up the good work!

    • Oh, thanks for stopping by. Writing a query is tough. I don’t have a template, but I do have a query and writing synopsis workshop I created for an online writing workshop. If you’d like a PDF copy of it, I’ll be glad to send it along.

      I don’t write fiction full-time, but I do work full-time as a technical writer and probably put in a good 20 hours a week on various things for fiction (writing, sending things out, taking classes, etc.).

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