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Weekly writing check-in: the one with Mother’s Day

It was another busy week, but we’re not quite as tired today. I managed to make four submissions (!), including a brand new one out the door. I think I have one more week left of writing on The Time After. It’s creeping up to 90,000 words and I’ll probably top that in the coming¬†week. Well, fingers crossed and all that.

I also have a bunch of submissions in orange (meaning they’ve been out for a while) in my submission tracker. I’m preparing to be pelted with rejections like so much hail from a Minnesota thunderstorm in the coming week(s) as well.

And now I’m off to enjoy this somewhat cloudy Mother’s Day.


Writing Work:

  • The Time After ~5,631 words


  • The Perfect Canvas
  • Breaking Plans
  • A Measure of Sorrow (audio/reprint market)
  • Where Are Your Men (new submission!)


  • Abandonment Issues


  • None


  • None

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