Weekly writing check-in: the one with a startling launch

So this week, I decided to simply drop another book out there, this time a collection of three short stories, run a free promotion, and wait to see what happened.

This is what happened:

#1 maze placement

It was a wild three days. Also, a gratifying three days. I decided to try KDP Select and going exclusive with Amazon (at least for 90 days). I know there are lots of opinions about that, but I wanted to try it–simply because I can. This is one of the things I love about being my own publishing company. I can try things, assess what works (or doesn’t), then try something else.

Also, The Maze will be available in print in a week or two and maybe even audio (shh … more on that as it develops).

I also logged nearly 8,000 words in Pansy (I should give this book a real title) this week and did the layout in InDesign for The Maze. Also, lots of driving to and from horse camp to drop off/pick up my daughter.

I’m going with productive. It was a productive week.

Writing Work:

  • Pansy 2.0 ~ 7,860 words
  • Print layout, etc. for The Maze


  • Keeping Time (audio/reprint market)


  • None


  • None


The MazeAvailable at Amazon. If you have a Prime or Kindle Unlimited account, you can borrow it for free.

For those of you who prefer print, I’ll let you know when that version is available for purchase.

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