Weekly writing check-in: the one with an upcoming charity drive challenge

14poster_lowresIt was one of those weeks where, when I sat down to write this check-in, I had to think to myself:

Did I get a rejection this week?

Maybe I did.

As it turns out, I didn’t. But I had to check. This is the beauty part about keeping your head down and writing and submitting–you end up forgetting about the rejections. Really. I mean it. True, I haven’t submitted as much this year, mainly because I’m writing longer works that aren’t suitable for the short story market.

I do have a couple of things I’d like to get out before the end of the year. Then, of course, finish up my Coffee & Ghosts serial.

So many stories. Not enough time.

Be sure to stop back on Tuesday. I’m taking part in a charity drive challenge (more details below).

Writing Work:

  • Writing ~ 7,900 words


  • None


  • None


  • None


None, but! Stay tuned. On November 11th (Veterans’ Day), I will be participating in the Veteran’s Day 2014: Gone, but Not Forgotten! charity drive challenge.

I will be donating all royalties from The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet (print, e-book, audio) to Veterans in the Arts, a local organization that helps veterans to express themselves in a variety of art forms through a progressive program of supportive instruction and collaboration.

Stop back on Tuesday for links (because I don’t want you to buy anything now, naturally). Or bookmark Veteran’s Day 2014: Gone, but Not Forgotten! for even more books to buy and organizations to support.

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