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Weekly writing check-in: the one with the everything week

Well, if last week was quiet, then this one was more than exciting. Look below. I have something in every category I track, from submissions to publications. I love that sort of week. It’s a writer’s writer sort of week.

I also continued the Photoshop tutorials, did some revision work on a couple of stories, and started getting the last Coffee and Ghosts episode ready to publish.

All in all, not a bad way to end the summer.

Writing Work:

  • Photoshop tutorials
  • Revision work
  • Ghost publication work


  • Gretel and Hansel
  • A Most Marvelous Pair of Boots
  • The Perfect Canvas


  • A Most Marvelous Pair of Boots
  • The Perfect Canvas
  • Gretel and Hansel



CicadaStoryStraying from the Path in the September/October issue of Cicada.

Look at that gorgeous layout!

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