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Weekly writing check-in: the one with Gone Ghost

sunriselakeI was up early enough today to snap this photo at the lake. But now? Now, I’m a little tired.

So, this week. Well, there’s that reprint sale to Evil Girlfriend Media–my second. Fabulous market with fabulous stories, and it’s nice that The Girl with the Piccolo has a new online home now that Kazka Press is offline.

I sent out a story this week, kept up with classes, and of course, launched another ghost story into the world. I also squeezed in some tutorials (I worked on InDesign last year–time to tackle another program).

Writing Work:

  • Story Focus class (second chapter of Wired for Story)
  • Lit class: The Great Gatsby essay done ~ 1,000 words
  • Tutorials: Photoshop


  • Knight in the Royal Arms


  • None




Gone GhostEpisode 4 of the Coffee & Ghosts serial is now available! You can buy or borrow Gone Ghost over at Amazon.

Ghost in the Coffee Machine is still free to read and includes an excerpt from the second episode, Giving up the Ghosts.

You can read more about what’s up in episode 4 in my post from yesterday.

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