Weekly writing check-in: the one with coffee and ghosts

So, lots of coffee and ghosts this week. Final, final tweaks to get it ready to launch yesterday. If you like all your ghost (and coffee) stories in one place, this is the format for you.

Did some revision work this week and some brainstorming on a possible season two for Coffee & Ghosts and … I think I may have a season two. I’m thinking three stories this time, novella length (or so I hope). We will see.

And we did it. All four of my Girl Scouts are first aid qualified–and so am I (again). Minus a few bruises on my wrist from practicing chest compressions, all went well.

Writing Work:

  • Revision work
  • Coffee & Ghosts season two brainstorming and outlining


  • Gretel and Hansel
  • Knight in the Royal Arms


  • Gretel and Hansel
  • Knight in the Royal Arms


  • None


The Coffee & Ghosts series bundle is out in the world.

Coffee & GhostsYou can read more about that in my post here. But it’s available in one volume, or read each episode for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. It’s even in print.

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