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Now available! The Wedding Ghost!

The finale for Season Two is now live!

Wedding Ghost_small


Something old. Something new. Something deadly.

It’s been months since the Midwest Necromancer Association came to town, courting Katy with promises of wealth and power. Her only concern now is how to contain a couple of mischievous sprites and keep her ice-pink bridesmaid dress coffee-stain free—at least for the wedding ceremony.

But weddings have a way of bringing strangers to town, and when strangers come to Springside, trouble follows. Especially since Katy has a secret, the sort that inspires betrayal and murder, and one that can unleash untold destruction.

This time, the stakes are higher than Katy ever imagined. This time, to keep Malcolm, Springside, and even the world safe, Katy must do the one thing she vowed never to do.

And once she does, there’s no turning back.

And for one week only, grab the episode for 99 cents over on Amazon.


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