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Weekly writing check-in: the one with the ghostly pre-order

Well, would you look at that! An acceptance. So I’m pleased about that. Otherwise, I took some time this week to work on the formatting and layout for theĀ Coffee & Ghosts, Season 2 series bundle in both e-book and print. It’s the print layout that takes the longest. The e-book is a simple matter of combining the three episodes into one.

On the other hand, the print version I do in Adobe InDesign, and that requires a little more work. It isn’t hard (well, I don’t find it all that difficult), but it does take time searching out orphans and widows and wonky hyphenation, and so on.

But, it’s done! The e-book is on pre-order and I’ll get the print proof to review in a week or so.

Writing Work:

  • Brainstorming and outlining Coffee & Ghosts, Season 3
  • Photoshop tutorials
  • Craft work
  • Print and e-book formatting and design forĀ Coffee & Ghosts, Season 2 series bundle


  • None


  • A Most Marvelous Pair of Boots


  • Chicken Fat and Whipped Cream


None, but look what’s up for pre-order!

Coffee and Ghosts 2 Ebook cover

That’s right! The series bundle for Season Two of Coffee & Ghosts will be available to read on April 11th, but it’s already up at Amazon. The print proof is on its way to my house. So if you like your coffee and ghosts in one place, you won’t have to wait for long.

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