Weekly writing check-in: the one with the ballet bun

So I had one of those moments this week, one where I think: oh, so that’s what happens in this story. It wasn’t a week where I did a lot of writing, although I did transfer a story I had written longhand in a notebook to the computer. But! I think I have a handle on the next episode of  Coffee & Ghosts.

Otherwise, it was one of those quiet weeks. My daughter’s Girl Scout troop bridged to Senior Scouts and we’re gearing up for the big dance recital next week. To that end, I need to cobble together her hair into a ballet bun.

Edited to add: Ah, yes, it took our combined efforts and forty minutes of work to unlock the ballet bun achievement level.

Writing Work:

  • Writing: ~ Coffee & Ghosts brainstorming and outlining
  • Photoshop tutorials


  • The Saint of Bright Red Things


  • The Saint of Bright Red Things


  • None


  • None

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