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Weekly writing check-in: sending stories and bullet journals

Look at that! New short stories are now in the submission mill. I have a few more to revise and send out this week, and I’m kind of excited about that.

A while back, I mentioned that I was using a bullet journal as a way to create a story development journal. With so many craft books, online and software programs that will help you write a novel, why on earth would I do this? I’m only partway through this project, and I’ll admit it. At times, it’s a little tedious.

But then there are articles like this. I also like writing by hand, even though my penmanship is awful. And no, I’m not doing fancy spreads with artwork like some bullet journal enthusiasts do.

But as plain and messy as it is, I like it. I like having all the story development exercises I use in one place. It’s easy to take with me, and I still have plenty of room to add new information and exercises.

Writing Work:

  • Planning/researching new series
  • Story development journal
  • Folklore class
  • Story revision


  • Three by Three
  • Respite
  • With Hair of Teeth and Claw


  • None


  • None


  • None

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