Free Fiction Friday: In a Manner of Speaking

What if time doesn’t run out?

Soshi Patel believes herself the last inhabitant on earth, trapped in an abandoned prepper’s shelter, living by candlelight and on canned peaches. Out of desperation, she uses the last of her good candles to build a ham radio from a kit. When she connects with a voice on the other side, it’s more than she could’ve hoped for.

But this voice, this Jatar, knows things he shouldn’t. As he comforts Soshi through the last days on a dying earth, it becomes clear that he carries his own burden, the weight of which can only be measured in time.

Download for free over on Instafreebie or listen over at Escape Pod.

Note: this is probably the saddest story I’ve ever written; you’ve been warned.



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5 responses to “Free Fiction Friday: In a Manner of Speaking

  1. Meiji Zapico

    That is an excellent description. Alright, you’ve got me.

  2. If you decide to read, I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Meiji Zapico

    Oh, I actually finished it yesterday. It was really nice, although I was a little confused around the ending. I’m sorry.

  4. Oh, don’t be sorry. The ending is a little … tricky. If you’re curious (and to avoid spoilers here), you can read the discussion about the story over at the Escape Pod forums:

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Meiji Zapico

    Oooh, alrighty. ❤ You're welcome!

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