Weekly writing check-in: Lemons into Kona blend

So, just when you think it’s safe to step outside and maybe walk the dogs … you take a tumble and end up hurting your ankle.

When the doctor first saw it, she gave me a 50/50 chance of it being broken. Fortunately, it’s not. Just a bad sprain.

My urgent care experience was excellent. Yes, there were the COVID precautions, which I appreciate, but it didn’t take too long, and everyone was so nice (and apologizing for the wait–truly, it was fine).

My ankle is still swollen and has entered that truly ugly phase of all the bruising coming to the surface in all its purple and greenish glory.

So what to do when life gives you lemons? Make lemonade, or in my case, some Kona blend.

I opened the outline to season four of Coffee and Ghosts, made a few notes, and then this morning, wrote the first scene.

So that? That was good. I’ll take it and hope to post more progress next week.

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