Weekly writing check-in: weekend respite

I’m taking this three-day weekend as a respite: lots of reading, some historical podcasts, and maybe a movie or series or documentary or two.

I am keeping up with Storystorm. I’m up to 23 ideas for the month. That gives me a cushion for days where I don’t jot down an idea. Although, I’ve been finding that simply being aware that hey, I’m collecting ideas, brings more of them. Funny how that works.

Also, I’m making revision progress on Coffee and Ghosts. Slow, but progress.

And that’s it because I am committed to some rest this weekend.


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2 responses to “Weekly writing check-in: weekend respite

  1. Marge Simon

    In the past three weeks, I’ve had ideas written for three or four starts –but they’re going nowhere. Unless I keep writing, the impetus leaves. I envy your self-assurance that what you have is enough clay to begin molding statues! If not statues, then a good foundation to work with.

    • Sometimes those lumps of clay just sit there and sit there. I can get an idea, and then it will be ages before I get an actual story from it (months and even years). I’m learning to lean into that rather than fighting it.

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