Just step outside

Bloganuary: Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?

This one is easy: our back deck.

True, we can’t see the horizon.

The property is surrounded by hills and trees.

The pond is covered with duckweed and doesn’t reflect the light.

Still, the way the sun filters through is amazing.

Granted, once the sun starts to sink, you don’t want to step down onto the grass—unless you’re fond of mosquitoes. But in the last couple of years, we’ve been deliberate about what we plant in containers we keep on the deck. If it has the slightest reputation for repelling mosquitoes, into a container it goes.

This works! Well, more or less. It’s a lot better than standing in the yard.

We also get some fairly excellent sunrises.

So despite not having a home for the vacuum, our house is a keeper.


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2 responses to “Just step outside

  1. Those are some very beautiful sunset photos. You are lucky to have such a stellar view. You live in MN, right? My family is from there and we always joked the state bird was the mosquitoe!

  2. Nice view — gorgeous sunset!

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