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Weekly writing check-in: Cure your binge-watching

So the news this week is The Binge-Watching Cure is out in the world.

You know you want to read more. You remember once losing yourself in books. You recall how exciting the adventures were, how late you stayed up following your favorite characters, and how you cried, gasped, or bit your nails.

But how to start reading again when binge-watching TV is so easy and — let’s be honest — fun?

You start slowly, of course. Baby steps. First, with a story that’s only twitter-sized in length. Then the next, a mere 75 words. Then a few hundred words, followed by progressively longer tales until you’re reading novels without even knowing it.

That’s The Binge-Watching Cure, a collection of stories encompassing a range of genres, including mystery, romance, horror, science fiction, literary, crime and more — a little of everything for everybody.

Fun concept, right? Because you can always read just one more.

My story is The Saint of Bright Red Things. It’s my very first historical story of any length, and I’m pretty excited that it’s included in this anthology.

In Nazi-occupied France, Marigold Jenkins, the daughter of ex-patriot Americans, must keep her identities—all three of them—a secret. She navigates the streets of Paris armed with a bright red handbag, scarlet lipstick, and a compact tailor-made for her role as a courier in the resistance.

But when a train accident leaves her concussed and stranded in a provincial hospital, Mari must navigate a new reality, one that leaves her at the mercy of a German officer. She must decide whether she can trust this man—and what she must sacrifice in order to do so.

In other news, I worked a bit on the fairy tale series, and by “worked a bit” I mean I mostly pondered, did some reading and some listening to fairy tales and not a lot of actual writing. It will come.

I also spent a fair amount of time with Photoshop (yet again) this week. And that’s about it.

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Weekly writing check-in: Straying from the Path Now Available

Straying from the Path is live, both the e-book and paperback! Links to the book below. If you’re outside the US, you can jump to your country via the all vendors/territories link.

There are some lovely early reviews over on Amazon, too.

To celebrate, I made a thing! A video thing!

In other news this week, I signed a contract for The Potato Bug War. This very short WWII story will appear in the summer issue of Pulp Literature. I also sent out a few submissions this week, did some (okay, a lot of) Photoshop work.

Also, I’m a little tired. So, I’ll leave you with the video.

Amazon  Nook  Kobo  iTunes  Google Play  Print  All vendors/territories

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Weekly writing check-in: cover reveal!

So, amazingly, my interior and cover files went through the CreateSpace checks like a champ, and I only had to order a single proof before approving the book.

So that means it’s time for the cover reveal!

I’m pleased with the way the cover turned out.

This week I’ve been working mostly in Photoshop and on launch activities (speaking of which, you can totally enter the Goodreads Giveaway–see link below). I had a brainstorm for giving Coffee & Ghosts a refresh, and I think it’s turning out. I only meant to work on it yesterday morning. But then I glanced at the clock and realized it was close to 8:30 in the evening*.

But earlier in the week I did do some work on the fairy tale series. One rejection, but I haven’t turned that around yet.

I anticipate next week will be lots of launch activities and some more Photoshop, but I hope to get some fairy tale work in as well.

*In all fairness, I did do other things, like take my daughter to dance practice and her job, but really, I was on a Photoshop tear.


Goodreads Giveaway link

Win a Kindle copy of the book!

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Weekly writing check-in: late check-in with an almost cover

Checking in late today. I’ve been busy trying to get the cover ready for Straying from the Path. I think, think, it’s there, or at the very least, almost there.

This means I’ll be doing a cover reveal pretty soon, not to mention having the book go on sale.

In other news, I sent out two submissions this week without receiving any rejections. I did some additional work on the fairy tale series. But mostly it was a week of Photoshop and Vellum (for the interior layout).

So now I send the Kindle file to my e-reader and wait on CreateSpace* to either accept or kick back the print cover and interior. I’ve found that staring at my inbox does not make the fine folks at CreateSpace work any faster, so I think I’ll do what I did last week and curl up with a book.

*My spell checker wants to change CreateSpace to meatspace. I find this hilarious.

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Weekly writing check-in: quick check-in for a busy week

Busy week, busy weekend. It’s studio dance competition season, once again. So, yesterday was taxes and Girl Scout cookie selling, today was the first competition.

I’m letting the novel I completed last week “compost” for a bit, so I started working on another (longer) fairy tale. If I can pull this off, I should (should) be able to start publishing two new series this year.

Also this week, six rejections! Some are leftover from last year. I did send one back out again, but I suppose it’s time to start looking at a few more markets.

I also worked through some graphic design classes as well. And that’s it. I’m just feeling amazingly accomplished for getting the taxes done that I may have to curl up and spend the rest of the day reading.


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Weekly writing check-in: back with a completed novel

I’m back! More or less. So, what have I been doing? A little this and a little that, and I finished the draft of my novel.

This past week I wrote 6,000 words, which put me over 68,000 and got me to the finish line.

That means the first in the Coffee and Ghosts spin-off series is a thing. I like that it’s a thing; makes it more real. It still needs some work, still doesn’t have a title. Actually, the series itself doesn’t have a title. So I have a few things to tidy up.

In other news, I’ve sent out six submissions so far this year and have three rejections to show for it.

My fairy tale compilation is almost ready to go. The manuscript has been proofed, I have the interior layout done minus some tweaks.

What do I lack? Why a cover, that’s what. I hope to have that settled within the next two weeks or so.

That’s it for now.

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Weekly writing check-in: or maybe it’s the Photoshop check-in

I’ll be back with a real check-in next week. For now, here are some things I’ve been up to:

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