Weekend Boler Update

More Boler lust for those of you following along  at home:

The bunk

The couch by day/bunk by night side of the Boler

The wood behind Kyra will eventually have a foam cushion. Scamp is coming out with new designs next month, so we’ve decided to wait on getting new covers for the cushions.

Boler table

The opposite side, table by day, beds by night. Note Kyra has already made herself at home.

Here you can see the new table that Bob built and part of the kitchen vanity, also that Bob built. And look, we now have windows! Even more privacy.

Boler with window

The outside with its installed window.


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4 responses to “Weekend Boler Update

  1. Jen

    This is really shaping up. What are the plans when Bob finishes?

  2. Looks like you’ll be traveling in style! I think hot pink flip flops are an essential camping accessory.

  3. bob creurer

    Hi……..where did u get ur replacement louvred windows………..

    Bob………Lacombe, AB

    • Charity

      The windows weren’t mounted in the Boler when we bought it, but we didn’t have to find replacements for them. The ones we have are original to our Boler, I believe.

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