Reader, I married him

Over on Romancing the Blog, they’re talking about point of view, which is kind of like shouting fire in a crowded theater. I never understood the prejudice against first person point of view in stories. As one Noodler gal astutely noted: it’s simply one way to tell a story, not the Antichrist.

Still, it gets people fired up.

I love first person point of view. I also like close third, omniscient third, big sweeping sagas where everyone gets a say, even the flea in the errand boy’s pocket.

In other words, I love stories. And I agree with the sentiment that some stories demand to be told a certain way. I’m not certain why it took me so long to try writing in first. Oh, I did a few short stories. And I wrote all my character sketches in first. And, of course, the last three books I wrote, I wrote in close third, but from only one perspective.

Someone hand me a clue.

I love quirky, “unconventional” first person narration. I like made up words. I like it when the narrator turns to the reader and says, “Reader, I married him.”

And talk about unconventional: two writers, one first person point of view. This “shouldn’t” work. But it does. Of course, we’re the Borg. Oddly enough, Seven of Nine came up in our conversation the other day. (And not Hottie McHottie, prom, or eyeliner.)

So I’m thinking: if you have to be the Borg, that’s the Borg to be. No?

This should make that author photo so much easier.


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4 responses to “Reader, I married him

  1. I enjoy reading first person POV, but not writing it. It’s the ‘I’ that throws me. It’s like being Sybil. Mostly I hear that 3rd person omniscient is ‘out’. That it’s old fashioned. No one wants to read ‘War & Peace’ anymore either. Blah. I don’t think it’s so bad.

  2. Well, you know what I like to write in, lol. Like the author pic 😉

  3. Darcy

    So how much trouble would we get in if we actually tried to use that pic?

  4. Well, I like first person a lot. But then I like third person, too. Mostly, I think I like a good story.
    Great author pic!

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