I did the insane the other day. I entered The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath(MacKenna’s story) in the Golden Heart. I only have ~17,000 words in the first person version so far. The receive-by deadline is December 3rd.

So. Yeah. External pressure. Insanity. Same thing.

I’m also contemplating my “education” plan for next year. Last year was all about regrouping (can you regroup if you’re just one?). I worked through Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook. I tore apart and put Geek Girl’s Guide back together. I think that helped me prepare for this round of revisions. But I did a lot of this on my own.

This year was the opposite. I needed outside opinions. I partnered up with Darcy. I needed to understand what people weren’t seeing. And I think/hope I have a better grasp on that too.

So, I’m thinking of next year (yes, already). This year is pretty much booked with writing, revising, editing (Darcy’s getting ready to send me Geek Girl’s Guide for an edit). What do I want to learn next year?

That’s the great thing about writing–the possibilities are endless.


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4 responses to “Contemplation

  1. GOOD LUCK with MacKenna!! Woo!

    I just want to read something of yours from start to finish (like.. TBC — promise me if you decide not to finish editing and/or submitting, I still get to read the draft… I’m dying here).


  2. Charity

    Aw, M. I would, but I’d be embarrassed to show it to you considering the shape it’s in. I would like it in decent shape, if for no other reason than to have it in decent shape.

    Some day. Some day.

  3. Always more to learn and always more to write.

  4. I’ve always loved that title, even its acronym, TFAOHYB. Good luck with the contest! And good luck with GGG, too.

    Don’t be too much of a stranger around the blogoverse, though, ok?

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