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The fine art of losing your changes

I¬†went to print out MacKenna’s story (AKA The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath) since I’m starting the revision process with a read-through. I was casually glancing at the text when a section I knew I’d changed caught my eye. Only, the section was the old way, not the new and improved way.I double checked all my versions to make sure I was working in the latest and greatest. I checked the version I sent to the Golden Heart. I checked everything.

I remember making these changes. They were small but good ones suggested by Darcy and Jen. Were they in the latest and greatest? No. Were they in the version I send to the Golden Heart? No. Were they in any version of the story?



I did find the changes, in various sent/received emails, so all is updated now. That still doesn’t help me re: the Golden Heart.

The fine art of screwing up.


Well, I’m off, to do a read-through and drown my sorrows in green tea and Fig Newtons.


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