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I can has conzert tix?

So, I mentioned a long while back that I was going to try to get concert tickets to Hannah Montana. Now, even though I am completely aware of the pop cultural phenomenon that is Hannah Montana, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to get tickets.

Or, as it turned out, impossible, since they were all sold out before they went on sale.

Or pretty much. Between the early fan club sale and the ticket brokers, there wasn’t a Hannah Montana ticket for love or money. Or rather, there was for money–lots of money, as in hundreds and even thousands of dollars per ticket.

So. We didn’t go to the concert. I explained the situation to the kids, who were less upset than morally outraged.

But that’s not today. No, it’s not Hannah Montana, but her opening act, The Jonas Brothers who are now headlining their own tour.

So, there I was, logged into Ticketmaster, clicking refresh like crazy until noon rolled around. Dude, I scored some seriously sweet seats. In about a month, Andrew, Kyra, and I will head to downtown Minneapolis and the Target Center to see The Jonas Brothers. On a school night, which I’m sure I’ll live to regret, but whatever.

My inner thirteen-year-old would like to announce the news in this manner:

ZOMG!!!111 The JOnas Brothers!!!!!11111


Yeah, we know we’re not really Green Day, but gawd, we’d love to be.

What the heck, I want to announce the news in that manner:

ZOMG!!!111 The JOnas Brothers!!!!!11111


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