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piers eared

So, the Marvelous Miss B, for her sixth birthday, which happens to be her “golden” birthday (a fact she’s well aware of) would like something special. She would like her piers eared.

Or, as it’s more commonly known, pierced ears.

I told her it hurts, like getting a shot, and that made her pause. Right now, I’m not sure if we sat her in the chair and she got a gander at the ear piercing gun, if she’d want to go through with getting piers eared. It’s kind of scary.

In other news: it’s really cold here. It’s so cold, we’ve had a serious run on the hot beverages at work. I went to make a cup of tea the other day and found maybe three flavors (out of the twenty or so you can find either on the little rack or by rifling through the cabinet, not that I’d ever do that).

I’m pleased to report that we’ve been restocked. Last year, when Andrew came to bring-your-child-to-work day, he was seriously impressed by the free hot beverage concept. More accurately, he was impressed by the free hot chocolate. I think he drank at least five cups. After he was hopped up on sugar and caffeine, I dropped him off at the activities for kids in the second floor conference room and felt no remorse.

In fact, the last time we visited the Children’s Museum, he wanted to stop in at my work and get a cup of free hot chocolate.

So, clearly, he was impressed with free hot chocolate. My actual job? Eh. Not so much. And that was after I showed him the awesome XML editor we write in.

Go figure.


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