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This blog entry brought to you by the letter P

So, I’m sure you foodies already know this, but Missy Chase Lapine is suing the Seinfelds for plagiarism and copyright infringement, among other things.

Sadly, my first reaction when this story broke a while back was: Wait. Jerry Seinfeld is married? And he has three kids? Clearly, I am the last person on earth to find out. I so missed the memo on that one.

My second reaction was: people spend hours each week pureeing veggies to hide in their kids’ food? For real? I mean, I could understand if you were pureeing some wedgies

Just to be contrary, I want to whip up a meal of deep-fried Twinkies with a chaser of milkshakes … make that milkshakes with whipped cream. Now that’s what’s for dinner.

In other plagiarism news … yes, there’s other (possible) plagiarism news. Over at SBTB, they’ve uncovered strange similarities between nonfiction texts and passages in Cassie Edwards’s romance novels.

The first in the series of posts is here (with links to the rest). If you have time to sift through all the posts and comments, it makes for some interesting reading, not just what was discovered, but the various reactions as well. And it will be interesting to see the fallout from this.

Wait. Late, breaking news. Signet (one of Ms. Edwards’s publishers) weighed in, as reported on SBTB and GalleyCat.

Well. That’s interesting.


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