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When the universe hands you an elephant

So, the other night after we dropped Andrew off at Scouts (for his last requirement to make first class), Miss B and I went to Target to find a little gift for her kindergarten teacher. We were looking for an elephant, since her teacher has one on a bookshelf in the classroom. Kyra thought it needed a friend.

Target has elephants, right? Er, not so much. I glanced down the aisle with the plastic animals. It was crowded, so I decided to check out the stuffed animal aisle.

The closest thing to an elephant was a rhino. I was about suggest this to Miss B (who was busy inspecting the Fancy Nancy display) when the people crowding the neighboring aisle cruised by us and plopped a stuffed elephant on the shelf.

Right in front of me. An elephant. The perfect size for fitting on a bookshelf next to another small, stuffed elephant.

A little stunned, I picked it up and showed it to Kyra, who was delighted. We went to find a gift bag and card.

So, the moral, I guess, is sometimes the universe hands you an elephant. And when it does, you simply have to take (buy) it.


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