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How to lounge

Feeling stressed from a long day at kindergarten or summer programs? Too much time in the pool? Did you create artistic masterpieces all day long and now need a break. Well, the Marvelous Miss B is an expert at just this thing.

Three seconds after entering the house, you must change into your loungewear. This consists of:

  • Nightgown (the lime green with stylized Siamese cats–some of them wink!)
  • Soft pants (No jeans, no shorts, but cozy knit pants of some type. We like pink with stripes.)
  • Pink bathrobe with rhinestones on the collar
  • Bed socks (We recommend the Hello Kitty ones.)
  • Purple slippers (with fuzzy insides)

On the wish list (as soon as Mommy is sufficiently worn down):

  • Satin sleeping mask from Claire’s.

Proceed to lounge. Sometimes it helps to dress up a friend in bedclothes. We recommend the teddy bear.

For advanced loungers: the right combination of cuteness and sleepiness can result in those around you bringing you a snack. Use this technique sparingly. Those around you may catch on.


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