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The (dreaded) author photo

The author photo:

  • Yes. You have to get one.
  • Yes. Darcy and I put it off as long as we could.
  • Yes. We had to suck it up and get them done.

At least Darcy didn’t have to do hers twice. Twice, people. I’m pretty sure you feel sorry for me.

The first were too formal. Thanks to our weird and delayed spring, my allergies were nuts. I really wanted outdoor shots, but decided just to get them done inside where the pollen isn’t. Because nothing says: great pic! like red, swollen-shut eyes.

My first clue should’ve been Kyra pronouncing my top as “unfashionable.” She five, people. Five. And yet she can channel Carrie Bradshaw. Go figure.

In the end, I should have waited, considering I had to have them retaken anyway. Outdoors this time (and a different outfit), with the photographer urging me to smile and pretend I was laughing at something funny. Which was absurd in its own way and made me laugh.

We took pictures in Rice Park and by the St. Paul Public Library.

At one point, a guy wandered by and asked if we wanted him to take a picture of the two of us together. Good thing it was sunny. The photographer gave him a stare that dropped the temperature a few degrees.

Clearly he was interrupting.

The photographer even gave me a CD with my image on it (the surface), and well, on it. So you might say, I’m all over that CD.

Results below the cut.

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