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Daydream believer

Last night while we were driving to swim lessons, Kyra sat quietly in the backseat, a serious scowl on her face. Andrew and I both asked her what was wrong. Then we asked again. And again. All at once she turned to us and said:

“I’m dreaming!”

We discovered, later, she meant daydreaming. She had a whole story going, with plot and characters, and, ahem, we were rudely interrupting that. While I combed her hair into ponytails for swimming, she told me she was dreaming about a step mom who locks the real mom in a spider room (filled with many spiders and webs).

“And the daughter has to save her mom?” I asked.

Serious nod.

According to Andrew, he has many ideas for stories but, “Writing them down is so hard. I’d rather wait for someone else to write them, then I can just go ahead and read.”

This, by the way, was how I became the brand new owner of a story idea called The Football Nerd. From his head to mine.

Now all I have to do is write it down.


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